How to become an escort

We often hear this question, but there is no one size fits all answer. Factors like your gender, location, attractiveness and education would be influential factors. If one disregards these factors, a key question is if you would like to find escorts jobs on your own, or if you would like an escort agent to represent you. Option #1 would make you an independent escort. Option #2 would make you an agency escort.

Becoming an Independent Escort

If you would like to become an independent escort, we would start by finding a photographer who will take suitable pictures. Once you have these pictures, you can upload them on the various escort directories. We suggest that you get an additional mobile phone, with a separate phone number.

Once you are ready for your first escort job, you need to think about your rates. You might enter them into your escort profiles. Leaving the rate out of the profiles will result in more calls, but the quality of the calls will decrease. Adding your rates should preselect prospective clients. In either case you will need to screen all calls and messages. Don't take the numerous lewd pictures personally. When you had enough, you can simply switch off the phone.

You are not only responsible for managing your appointments and travel arrangements, but you also need to negotiate your rates with prospective clients and make sure you get paid. This may well be the most unpleasant part. Th golden rule, is that payment is always upfront. No exception.

Becoming An Agency Escort

If you would like to become an agency escort, the agency will provide a photographer. Once the team has pictures, they will create your profile on their platform. They may also upload them on various escort directories, but your profile will be linked to the agency's website and phone number. The agency will receive all phone calls and inquiries. You will not be bothered by time wasters, lewd phone calls and dick pics sent by SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram. Your escort agent will screen all prospective clients.

The team will show you how to become an escort — They will guide you on the appropriate look and etiquette. The agency then provides an assignment with a vetted client. The client will have paid in advance, so time wasters are eliminated. All travel arrangements are taken care of and paid by the client in advance. You have nothing to worry about and can focus on having a great time. As all communication is handled by the agency, so stalking should not be an issue.

General Advice

  • Don't let clients take pictures with you or of you.
  • Do not share your real name. Use your stage name.
  • Get a separate phone number with a prepaid SIM card that is not registered in your name
  • Never share your social media profiles.


Specialized Escort Agencies

Last but not least, we recommend working with an escort agency that is specialized. You don't want to be with an agency that tries to serve everyone, as they probably won't serve anyone well. Female clients are a different demographic than male clients, who are again a different demographic than gay clients. We believe a niche is ideal.

If you would like to become an escort, please contact the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.

Gentlemen who would like to become a male escort, should contact the MALE COMPANION instead.


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