The Magic Of Three

Another grueling day. Run off my feet and frustrated to hell, but yet I smile. It's Friday and nothing beats the thought of a fresh, ice cold Margarita as a reward for my efforts given this week 🍸

It's humid and slightly windy, rain is coming so I need to hang my washing before I can kick back and relax, my last chore for the day 🌈

As I hang my last sheet, I am twirled and consumed by the most intense kiss imaginable. God this man is amazing, this is a perfect wrap to my week 😈

Sweeping me off my feet over his shoulder, my viking marches me over to our room. My excitement is un-containable, I am sure he can smell it already 🤭

Smashing me down on the bed, I am restrained in no time at all, blindfolded, eagerly awaiting his next move, but nothing. He goes and sits down on the couch, in the corner of the room, silently watching me squirm 🥵

We are not alone, I feel the bed dip, but I know it's not Damon. My heart skips a beat, then picks up speed. Interesting change of events to say the least 🔥

The kiss is forceful, intense and firm, just the way I like it. Don't ask me for it, take it from me, pull it from me, let me surrender to the sensation and lust 🌪️

Damn this kiss is good. I am soaked at the core. My clit is throwing and begging for stimulation, but I hold back. I know he is watching, he is observing my reaction, studying my expressions 😼

He knows that I am enjoying it, damn I am in some serious shit. I can't help it, I moan out load as I am engulfed by incredible pleasure, and a need for more 🥷

I want more kissing, I want touching, I want to be commanded, I want to hear the voice behind this indescribable human being. I want to touch, I want to lick, I want to suck, I need urgent and frantic stimulation 🐇

That's when I forcefully slow my mind, breathe and try to concentrate, I let myself feel, I take it all in. The smell, the touch, the finesse 🌹

I know this human and she is magical 🦄

It's like Damon read my mind, I can feel him starring, he knows that the gears have stopped turning, that I figured it out as relaxation befalls my body 🥹

I trust him and he knows it, I know he will never put me in a position that would ever upset me. I wanted this, he wanted this, we wanted her ❤️‍🔥

I am full on panting by now, he is untying me, he knows the jig is up. I want in, I do not want to be restrained or blindfolded anymore 🫣

As soon as I am free I smile, adjusting to the light, I embrace and kiss her, pulling her close. Wrapped up in each other I can see Damon making his way to us. He is hard and ready 😈🔥

I swear I have had ten orgasms already. I am exploring every inch of her body, her breasts and taking in her absolute beauty as we undress in record timing 🫦

I lie down on my back as she makes her way down to my now drenched pussy. Man her mouth is almost as magical as Damon's. She knows her way around, unlike me she knows just what, where and how to touch me 💦

Her moans are as intense as mine, she is out of breath, her pace increases and then slips as she looses control, her climax so intense I can ride her vibration 🫠

I know Damon is claiming her, the breathing and pace is familiar and she is lost to the world. We've warmed each other up, so she was ready for him 🥵

I open my eyes and can't contain my excitement as I see her hair fisted in his hands as he fucks her into oblivion. Her pleasure instantly becomes mine as I know how intense he gets 🌋

He will not let up until she is 100 percent satisfied, one of his best traits. I nip at her breast, licking, kissing,slightly pulling them, she reacts, she loves every second of it 🤯

She is coming hard, she is buckling and a trembling mess. I reach my own climax. Even though she's not moving her limbs, her fingers are still inside of me and I have been using them on her behalf 💦🔥

Her eyes are closed, my open ones reach Damon's handsome face, those piercing blue eyes and sexy as fuck smirk of his. He is in a whole new universe of fulfillment 🪐

Seeing his pleasure and feeling hers as she collapses on me, makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Another fantasy, another journey another day to remember. We just lie there for a moment, unable to move 🤤

No words are spoken, the only sound filling the room is coming from us, trying to catch our breath. I don't know who feels more satisfied as there is no words that can match the experience, butterflies and warmth ❤️‍🔥

I try to move a bit, but it feels like someone is licking my face. Her hair is everywhere, so I can't make out what's happening 🤔

No my face is really wet 💦 I AM being licked 👅 Damn dog, seriously .... This was the best damn dream I have ever had. Why .... Why did you have to wake me up 🫣🤭🤭

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