Time to share my memories

blurred memories

I had just left a toxic relationship and moved from a small Swiss village to Zurich. Here everything was different. The people were still Swiss, but definitely more open-minded. You could tell that serious money was made in Zurich, and the men like to play accordingly. I think a certain German influence could be felt. More raw than for example the men in Geneva. German versus French, I think.

A friend I met going out, a secretary at a large Swiss bank, invited me to a sex party. Initially I declined, but the payment seemed too good to pass up. I had bills that were coming due end of the month. So I agreed to join...

Little did I know what was in store for us!

My friend took me lingerie shopping in stores I would not have visited on my own. I have to say that buying sexy outfits is a lot more fun together, than alone. We had a manicure, pedicure and a waxing. I was smooth like a baby's derrière. My anticipation was growing as we approached the weekend. I took Friday off and we were whisked with a business jet from Zurich to Athens. My first time in a plane like this. Small, luxurious and rather special. When we arrived a limousine picked us up and brought us to a yacht. I had never seen so many big and beautiful yachts. I also never heard of Baglietto or Lürssen before. I entered a new world. When we arrived at the yacht we were told there would be six ladies and four male guests. The yacht had stewards, a cook and a small security team. I was spoiled like never before. We spent the weekend on the Mediterranean Sea, indulging in pleasure. We ended up staying a day longer than expected.

I had the time of my life and was rewarded handsomely. I ended up becoming one of the luxury companions of the Best Girlfriend Experience. And this is how a new chapter in my life had started...



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