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I started learning more than I could ever dream of 🌈</p> <p>We have attended single parties, swingers parties and my absolute favourite.... Our first kink party ❤‍🔥</p> <p>To date, we haven't found a couple we both can agree on to try the swinging thing, so we decided to look more into the kink side of things 🧐</p> <p>Being an avid reader, my mind is full of curiosity and I made a list with a million things I simply just had to see and want to try out myself 🫣</p> <p>I can honestly say that the kink party was hands down the most amazing night and experience of my entire existence 🤯</p> <p>Damon is very patient, he is also a very gifted, sensual and talented man. There is nothing I wanted to try that he hasn't mastered with a bit of research and in no time at all 🥰</p> <p>My biggest block and enemy during my journey this far has been me 🙄</p> <p>So on this fateful evening Damon called on my play name, meaning I had to fall in place. No ifs, buts or back chat. He was taking charge and opening a box that could now, never be closed 🔮</p> <p>There must have been at least 50 people, all dressed up in the most sexy and enticing outfits I have ever seen. Even some of the ladies had me questioning my own sexual orientation 😬</p> <p>The place was packed. There were Dom's, dominatrix, transvestites, straight people, gay people, young people, old people, big people, small people and many more. Literally people from all different walks of life and I absolutely loved them all ❤️</p> <p>I felt comfortable and safe as the level of respect was out of this world, I felt at home 🏡</p> <p>There was a massive contraption in the room. Not sure what it was called but I knew people would be tied to it at some point during the night. Little did I know, that I would be exhibit A 🤦🏼‍♀️</p> <p>My sneaky master blind folded me and told me to trust him, and so I did. Next thing I knew I was being chained to this thing, and I knew in that very moment that I was undoubtedly in deep shit 🫣</p> <p>I flaked like a fruitcake and butterflies erupted in my tummy. My heart was racing with anticipation. Not knowing what Damon was up to. All I knew was that I trusted him with everything I am 🥰</p> <p>I heard sounds, murmers and whispers all around, but couldn't see anything. All I could do was feel, trust, submit 🙇🏼‍♀️</p> <p>First he kissed me, told me that I will be okay. Then he whispered in my ear and said 'you are the most beautiful little slut I have ever seen' 😳</p> <p>I could feel my blush creeping in. I was still trying to process that he just called me a slut... when I felt my dress drop down to the floor, followed by the removal of my lingerie which I now know, he selected for a reason 😱</p> <p>I nearly had heart failure as the room went silent. I could only hear my own breathing and frantically beating heart. My body was exposed, my worst fear was brought to life as I have not yet learned to accept and love my own body 😕</p> <p>Murmers started up again, then something slid over my back, it was soft and sensual and caused goosies all over my body 🫠</p> <p>Then something else started making it's way up my legs, from my ankles up towards my inner thighs, at an excruciatingly slow pace, making my toes curl at the feeling it caused 😈</p> <p>Damon checked in, asked if I was okay and I signaled with a simple nod, as I was shaking so much I was unable to form words 🤐</p> <p>Blindfolded or not, I could imagine his sexy grin. I know he was pleased at my obedience and trust 😇</p> <p>He told me he had the flogger and he gently starting brushing it over my exposed breasts. I tugged on the restraints making sure I had a firm hold 🤲🏻</p> <p>At first he moved softly then an unexpected sting fell across my chest. He was relentless, sensual and knew exactly how to drive me insane repeating this action over an over again 🥵</p> <p>I knew I was in serious trouble. I was going to orgasm on that very spot infront of all those people. Each strike was followed by either a soft feather like effect or a warm, firm and secure caresses ❤‍🔥</p> <p>I was shaking and my legs were giving in as each sensation, hard and soft sent electrical currents zipping through me, I was going to climax, and hard 😬</p> <p>I alerted him to my dilemma and he instructed me that under no circumstances was this allowed. Man, that nearly fucken killed me. I have never had to think of 'lady-boner-killer-thoughts' so hard in my life before. It was insanely difficult, but I prevailed 💪🏻</p> <p>My toes were curling and I wanted to combust, however I knew that my reward would be even sweeter if I could manage to comply ✨</p> <p>People were now very close, asking for permission to touch, play and take part once they realized how sensitive my body was to touch, they were completely in awe of our chemistry 🪄</p> <p>They were commenting on my body, and how obedient I was to Damon. I knew how proud that made him ☺️</p> <p>Considering nothing was rehearsed, it was pure magic, pure trust and complete admiration. Damon was pleased with me, and with it being my first time he told people that I was not yet ready for strangers to play ❌</p> <p>Once Damon was sure that he broke down another one of my walls, he untied me, he took the blind fold off and gave me his shirt, he then escorted me to go freshen up. Never once leaving my side 💓</p> <p>After some time alone and proper aftercare we joined the party again. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that approached me.</p> <p>They complimented my body, breasts and the chemistry they observed between us. One lady confessed that she actually teared up from the beauty of the sight infront of her, she said she could feel the love and admiration we share 🥹</p> <p>Apparently this was a new scene to them as they are used to intense impact play. We brought something different to the table, something soft, something beautiful 🥰</p> <p>My Damon is one of a kind. Having known my body for 19 years, only he could break such an incredible wall and make me accept who I am ❤‍🔥🥰</p> <p>I never thought I could possibly love this man more than I already do, turns out I w</p> </div> <section class="field field--name-comment field--type-comment field--label-above comment-wrapper"> <h2 class="title comment-form__title">Add new comment</h2> <drupal-render-placeholder callback="comment.lazy_builders:renderForm" arguments="0=node&amp;1=247&amp;2=comment&amp;3=comment" token="GmkfmFqb5V-iy7PoyMXKO2gFGHGsUyVIqIIxenSoEtI"></drupal-render-placeholder> </section> <div class="field field--name-field-blog-format field--type-list-string field--label-hidden field__item">Standard</div> Sat, 02 Apr 2022 15:50:41 +0000 Lucy 247 at https://discrete.ch